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Ratas: Estonia is a firm supporter of Ukraine’s future

26. November 2019 - 0:00

Stenbock House, 26 November 2019 – Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas met with Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, to discuss bilateral cooperation between Estonia and Ukraine, the economic situation, security, and planned reforms in Ukraine.

“Estonia supports Ukraine’s efforts of restoring its territorial integrity and stands for the clear resolution of the Eastern Ukrainian conflict and the annexation of Crimea,” said Prime Minister Ratas to President Zelensky. “Sanctions against Russia will remain in place unless the Minsk Protocol is fulfilled. We also stand with Ukraine in their efforts of accession to the European Union and NATO and support them via the Eastern Partnership and development cooperation.”

Prime Minister Ratas and President Zelensky also discussed the reforms planned in Ukraine. “We clearly understand your efforts to reform the country. It is important for the people of Ukraine to understand that you have chosen the best possible path and followon it. It took years for Estonia to join the EU and NATO and carry out the reforms required for it, but our efforts have been worth it,” Ratas affirmed. During their meeting, Ratas and Zelensky exchanged their experiences of carrying out land reforms, which is an important part of the work plan of the Ukrainian government.

In addition, they discussed cooperation between the two countries. “We are always open to sharing our experiences in the introduction of various reforms – for example, in the field of e-services, where our cooperation is already close, but also in education, where Ukraine is our valued partner. Ukrainian students are more than welcome in Estonia, but we can also share our experiences of building and developing the education system,” said the prime minister.

In addition, Ratas and Zelensky talked about the upcoming Normandy Format meeting in Paris, where the heads of state of Ukraine, France, Germany, and Russia will meet. Cooperation in the field of defence was also discussed.


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