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Prime Minister Ratas discussed the development of judicial applications of artificial intelligence with researchers at Stanford

31. August 2017 - 13:25
Photo: Triin Oppi
Photo: Triin Oppi

USA, California, 31 August 2017 – Yesterday, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, who is currently on an official visit in the United States, met with researchers at Stanford University and SRI International to discuss the development of judicial applications of artificial intelligence among other topics.

“All who were interested were able to go for a ride in one of the self-driving minibuses in the centre of Tallinn during the summer. The pilot project has ended by now, but it still marked the beginning of changes in the Estonian judicial system,” said Prime Minister Ratas. “Government Office has convened a meeting of experts who are responsible for the legislation regarding artificial intelligence. Work on technical solutions is also ongoing in order to provide security in this developing and rapidly changing field. A globally unique solution is currently in development, which is able to detect hacking within seconds instead of months,” explained the Prime Minister.

SRI International is a reputable research institution that is linked to the creation of a vast number of key technologies. The cooperation between SRI International and the private sector has led to the development of internet, the computer mouse, colour television, artificial muscles etc. According to Prime Minister Ratas, Estonian public sector, research institutions and businesses must be encouraged to create more international connections in order to become a testbed for innovative technologies and business models. “Estonia’s small size is often referred to as a shortcoming but when it comes to testing new technologies, it is actually an advantage. We are clever, quick and flexible,” explained Ratas.

Prime Minister Ratas visited the library and archive of Stanford University, which holds one of North-America’s biggest Baltic collections, and had a round-table discussion with the university’s researchers on the connections of technological developments and modern research. “The significance of universities can hardly be overstated, the responsibility to shape and provide meaning to society lies on their shoulders. Especially in today’s intensively informative, the so-called post-truth era. Nevertheless, the truth persists and universities are one of its sources,” said the Prime Minister who acknowledged the efforts of researchers in the renewal of research methods.

Prime Minister Ratas also had a separate meeting with the former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at Stanford University; they discussed domestic and foreign affairs of the United States of America and the relations between Europe and the United States of America.

In the afternoon, the Prime Minister along with his business delegation visited the biggest accelerator of start-up companies Plug&Play Tech, the office of the robot producing company Starship at Silicon Valley and was shown the work of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum in order to discuss Estonia’s opportunities for contribution.

Late at night, the Prime Minister flew to Los Angeles where he will have meetings with the Californian businesses today and where the West Coast Estonian Days will be opened in the evening.

Photos from the meetings on 30 August 2017:

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