Jüri Ratas handed over the office of Prime Minister to Kaja Kallas

26.01.2021 | 15:42

Stenbock House, 26 January 2021 – Jüri Ratas, who led two governments for four years and two months, handed over the office today at Stenbock House to the newly-appointed Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.
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Jüri Ratas told Kaja Kallas that the prime minister’s office is first and foremost a responsibility to the Estonian people, so that the state and its independence would be protected, and the well-being of the Estonian people and the unity of society would grow.

“I confirm that at the time of handing over the office, the Estonian state is in good condition. Estonia’s population is growing, our people’s livelihoods have improved, child benefits and pensions have risen, and governance has improved thanks to the state reform. Estonia’s international position is strong, and our defence spending is higher than ever”, said Ratas and added: “However, we are still facing a long and difficult fight against the coronavirus epidemic. I wish you strength and success. I am sure that you will stand for the well-being and interests of our people and that you will do very well as the prime minister.”

Prime Minister Kaja Kallas thanked Jüri Ratas and his two governments for the efforts to improve life in Estonia. “Thank you for the contribution you have made as prime minister in representing Estonia’s views both in the European Union and in relations with the Allies, and for the work that the previous government has done to contain the coronavirus epidemic. I know that this is not only a great honour, but it is also a responsibility and bestowment of trust that the Prime Minister must be worthy of”, said Prime Minister Kallas.

Kallas had a first meeting with some of the employees of the Government Office; most of the staff received the Prime Minister’s greeting via video transmission due to the spread of the coronavirus.

The main goal of the government led by Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, who took office today, is to continue the effective resolution of the COVID-19 crisis, to keep Estonia forward-looking, and to improve our country in all areas and regions.

Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmTULJHt

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