The government could not reach consensus on the UN migration pact

15.11.2018 | 18:50

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Stenbock House, 15 November 2018 – At today’s meeting of the cabinet, the government could not reach consensus on supporting the UN global migration pact. Therefore, the government could not support the pact.

At the meeting, Sven Mikser, Minister of Foreign Affairs, proposed that the government should support the UN global migration pact. Urmas Reinsalu, Minister of Justice, proposed that the government rejects the pact.

“When we formed this coalition, we agreed upon consensus decision-making. Unfortunately, consensus was not achieved today,” Prime Minister Jüri Ratas said. “Comprehensive management of migration is important for all countries, and we assure that European democratic principles are reflected in Estonian laws today and it will remain so in the future as well.”

The purpose of the UN global migration pact is to agree on common principles in managing international migration to make it safe, orderly, and regulated. The pact also aims to prevent irregular migration and human trafficking, as well as to motivate countries of origin to accept more responsibility and work together in the question of returning migrants.

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