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The Government confirmed the decisions on the reintroduction of temporary controls at the Estonian border

15. March 2020 - 14:41

Tallinn, Stenbock House, 15 March 2020 – The Government confirmed at today's e-session decisions on the temporary reintroduction of border control at the Schengen internal border and surveillance at the national borders. The corresponding arrangement was also confirmed, which establishes procedures for crossing national borders at the time of restrictions. Border control will be restored from 17 March 2020.

Only Estonian citizens and Estonian residents with a residence permit or a right of residence will be able to enter Estonia in the future, including the holders of the so-called grey passports. Access is granted to foreign nationals whose family members live in Estonia. Foreigners needing to enter Estonia in the framework of international military cooperation will be also granted entry.

International carriage of goods (including the transport of food and medical goods) is allowed entry to Estonia.  Additional access is granted to people who provide vital services, such as fuel suppliers.

A foreign national who has no symptoms of disease and whose close relative is an Estonian citizen or a person with a right of residence is allowed to enter the country under special police authorisation.

Entry to Estonia is allowed for foreign nationals who need to travel through Estonia in transit in order to reach their country of residence, provided they have no symptoms of COVID-19 virus.

Inspection of the travel documents and the disease symptoms are checked at the border.

No exit restrictions have been imposed.

The temporary restriction on crossing the national borders shall apply until the amendment of the order, and its necessity shall be assessed every two weeks at the latest.

If Estonian residents have problems returning home from their trip, please call consular emergency phone +372 53 01 9999 (24).

Order for the restoration of border control. (PDF)


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