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Government compensates owners for damage caused by vandals

27. April 2007 - 15:17

Tallinn, Stenbock House, 20 April 2007 - At the special session which continued this morning, the government decided to compensate owners for any damage caused by perpetrators who vandalised in the city centre of Tallinn on 26-27 April. The government will also compensate the city of Tallinn for any costs relating to elimination of consequences of offences. Pursuant to the procedure developed by the Ministry of Finance, the victims shall be compensated for any direct expenses resulting from the vandalism. Damage shall be compensated in such a manner that the previous situation can be restored.

To apply for compensation, all victims are required to refer to a police station within the next days and fill out a petition. The police will register the victim’s petition, commence relevant proceedings and issues a certificate.
The victims must bring the certificates along with invoices or expense receipts (bills, copies of money transfer documents, etc) to the Ministry of Finance, at the address Suur-Ameerika 1, where they will be accepted beginning at 9.00 on Monday, 30 April.

A payment for liquidating the initial damage will be made within ten working days as of submission of the expense documentation to the Ministry of Finance.

In the case of larger damage, the Ministry of Finance asks the businesses and the City Government to add documentation (inventory reports, etc) to prove the amount of damage.

Compensation for damage caused to cars is paid on the basis of the submitted damage assessment record. The state shall support or organise the performance of assessment if necessary and by agreement.

The government advises victims holding an insurance contract to immediately contact their insurer.

For further information on compensation for damage, please contact the Ministry of Finance by phone 611 3077 or by e-mail helen.ojamaa[at]fin[dot]ee.