At the Cabinet meeting, the proposal for a population-based testing in Estonia was approved

09.04.2020 | 22:30

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Tallinn, Stenbock House, 9 April 2020 – At the Cabinet meeting today, the Government expressed its support for the Minister of Social Affairs Mr Tanel Kiik for his proposal to conduct a population-based testing involving sero-epidemiological study to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Estonia.

“Population-wide testing would provide us with important information about how many people in Estonia have already had COVID-19 disease, and it is important to assess the possibility of further emergency restrictions,” said Prime Minister Mr Jüri Ratas. “Analysis carried out by experts are the prerequisites for further studies and testing, so we would know which tests are currently the most accurate and how to best carry out the testing.”


“The Ministry of Social Affairs, in cooperation with the Health Board and the COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Board, will submit a proposal for the best population-wide sero-epidemiological antibodies test. The main keywords here are quality, reliability and evidence-based approach. Research laboratories in Europe and around the world are currently working on the validation of various serological tests,” explained Minister of Social Affairs Mr Tanel Kiik.

According to the government's position, the study should be first carried out on Saaremaa Island, and then, based on the results achieved there, the tests can be conducted elsewhere in Estonia. The action plan and the preliminary budget for the pilot project for Saaremaa will be discussed by the governmental committee on the following Tuesday, 14 April.

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