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Objectives, Activities


The Government led by Jüri Ratas assumed office on 29 April 2019. The Government coalition is formed by the Estonian Centre Party, the Estonian Conservative People's Party and the Isamaa Party. In addition to the Prime Minister, the Government consists of 14 other Ministers.

The aims and activities of the Government of Estonia are based on the speech by the candidate for Prime Minister Jüri Ratas which he gave before the Riigikogu on 17 April 2019 on the bases for forming a new government. The specific aims and promises of the Government coalitions have been agreed in the coalition agreement. The activities for performing the aims set out in the agreement and the persons responsible are established by the action plan of the Government of Estonia.



The Government stands for a state that is cohesive and that values its people and starting of families, where everyone feels safe and included in the society. The important pillars of our independence are the strength of our Defence Forces and activity in international cooperation, membership in the European Union and NATO. The Government will reduce bureaucracy and support a smart economy based on science, development and innovation.

  • A family-friendly Estonia, where people feel safe and secure. The Government will provide quality services and necessary support to families.
  • A cohesive society, where its members feel included and where divides between different groups become narrower. The Government supports the right of ethnic groups to develop their culture.
  • Knowledge-based economy, development of lifelong learning. The Government considers it important to raise the funding of research and development in the public sector to 1% of the GDP.
  • Efficient governance so that communication with the state would be simple and seamless. For this, the Government will develop the smart e-state and will make state reform a priority.
  • A safe and protected state where the basic rights and freedoms are equally guaranteed. At least 2% of the GDP must be allocated into national defence; the local defence industry and its export capability will be supported.


9. August 2019 - The Government concluded the first hundred days
30. May 2019 - The Government approved the action plan for the next four years
16. May 2019 - The Government Approved the Hundred Days Plan


Last updated: 25 October 2019