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Prime Minister met with Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey

Stenbock House, 28 August – In a meeting with Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas affirmed that Turkey is an important partner for Estonia and economic cooperation between the two countries could become closer in the future. The meeting with...

Ratas in Paldiski: This area has great potential to become an important industrial centre of the Baltic Sea region

Paldiski, 28 August 2019 – Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas participated in the investment conference “Teistmoodi Paldiski” (“Different Paldiski”). According to Ratas, the challenges Paldiski is facing are in many ways similar to those the rest of Estonia as well as the rest of the world is...

Prime Minister Ratas is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way in Riga with his colleagues from Latvia and Lithuania

Stenbock House, 23 August 2019 – Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas is in Riga to attend a meeting of the Baltic Prime Ministers. The Prime Ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way together and will participate in the meeting of the Baltic...
Photo: Anete Palmik

The government confirmed the principles of the reform of the second pension pillar

Stenbock House, 22 August 2019 – At today’s cabinet meeting, the Minister of Finance’s approval to reform the second pension pillar was approved, making it optional to join or leave the second pension pillar. “The coalition has reached an agreement regarding the principles of the second...

Ratas: Closer cooperation between India and Estonia opens up new opportunities for both sides

Stenbock House, 21 August 2019 – Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas met with Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of India, to discuss strengthening political, economic, digital, and educational cooperation as well as tightening the partnership between the two countries in international...

This year’s Tallinn Digital Summit focuses on the future of artificial intelligence

Stenbock House, 14 August 2019 – ministers and experts from 20 countries will focus on artificial intelligence and its impact on our future at the Tallinn Digital Summit, taking place on 16–17 September in Tallinn. According to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, the summit is becoming a collaboration...

Ratas met with the King’s Royal Hussars

Tapa, Lääne-Viru County, 13 August 2019 – Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas visited the Tapa Army Base to meet with the servicemen of the United Kingdom serving in Estonia as part of the NATO battlegroup. The regimen, consisting of the King’s Royal Hussars, gave the head of the government an...

Ratas had a phone conversation with Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the European Commission

Stenbock House, 12 August 2019 – today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas and Ursula von der Leyen, the future President of the European Commission, discussed cooperation and the future political priorities of the Commission over the phone. They also focused on climate issues and extensive projects in the...

The government concluded the first hundred days

Stenbock House, 8 August 2019 – the government coalition of the Centre Party, the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia, and Isamaa concluded the first hundred days of their term of office. “The time intended for the parties of the coalition to adapt to and be acquainted with each other...

The new e-Residency action plan helps to create more added value for local entrepreneurs and the Estonian state

Stenbock House, 8 august 2019 At today’s cabinet meeting, the government approved the e-Residency 2.0 action plan with the objective to make the e-Residency programme more secure, more beneficial for Estonian entrepreneurs, and more convenient for the e-residency community. According to...