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The “Stay healthy!” (“Püsime terved!”) campaign calls for the continued compliance with measures preventing the spread of the coronavirus

12. May 2020 - 15:42

Stenbock House, 12 May 2020 – The Government Communication Unit has launched the social campaign “Stay healthy!” (“Püsime terved!”), calling on the Estonian people to continue complying with the measures preventing the spread of the coronavirus, even after the emergency restrictions have been eased. The website offers assistance and answers to more than 700 vital questions concerning the virus.

According to Urmas Seaver, Director for Government Communication, the general message of the information campaign is to stay healthy. “Although the spread of the virus has decreased in the past few weeks, it is not gone from the society. We must learn to live with it,” said Seaver. “New outbreaks can be prevented by, in the coming months, continuing with the measures of keeping the number of close contacts to a minimum, washing your hands, staying home when ill, and, if necessary, covering your nose and mouth in public closed spaces,” he added.

The campaign’s creative solution is built on examples of how easy it is to prevent the spread of the virus. “We also invite everyone to browse the more than 700 question-and-answer type guidelines on the website, which are updated according to the development of the situation and provide a simple overview of the requirements and recommendations established for preventing the spread of the virus,” added Urmas Seaver.

The need for a responsibility campaign is illustrated by trends in the weekly public opinion polls. If a month ago, four out of five people (81%) followed the rules established to prevent the spread of the virus, it has now dropped to 65%. The amount of people staying home has also decreased (from 58% to 48%). Despite that, the Estonian people consider their behaviour to be diligent. 

Download the illustrative sample material of the campaign

The campaign will continue increasingly intensively until the beginning of June. 

The social responsibility campaign was developed by the agencies Kontuur Leo Burnett and MediaCom. The Government Communication Unit would like to thank all organisations and individuals who supported the information activities on COVID-19.

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