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SPECIAL NOTICE: 16 post offices throughout Estonia remain open in local shopping centres

26. March 2020 - 23:11

Tallinn, Stenbock House, March 26, 2020 - Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, person in charge of the emergency situation, added two changes to the restrictions on the movement in shopping centres. Firstly, post offices may remain open in shopping centres if a shipment cannot be redirected within the same city. Secondly, the shop owner and the employee can continue to visit the shop that is closed for visitors to the mall.

The first change concerns 16 local post offices located in smaller shopping centres all over Estonia.

To remain open: Kambja post office; Elva post office; Lihula post office; Mustla post office; Sindi post office; Võhma post office; Kehra post office; Keila post office; Maardu post office; Paldiski post office; Jõhvi post office; Kohtla-Järve post office Iidla post office; Tapa post office,  Kunda post office and Kohila post office.

The second amendment to the order provided that the shop owner and the employee should be allowed access to the closed shop in the shopping mall. For example, this might be necessary to take care of the animals in the pet shops or to organize the sale of goods in the e-shop.

The media shall publish this order by the person in charge of the emergency situation promptly, unmodified and free of charge. A formal announcement will be sent.

As a reminder, the restriction of movement for shopping malls as of tomorrow is intended to limit the number of people in crowded areas, as it is a conducive ground for the spread of COVID-19.

The restrictions do not apply to grocery stores, pharmacies, shops selling or renting assistance and medical devices (including spectacles or contact lenses), bank branches, telecommunication service providers, parcel terminals, eateries that provide take-away only.

At each entrance or exit of an open store or service provider, disinfectants for use by customers shall be provided. Retail premises owners must also ensure that on-site inspections (involving a security company or other appropriate measure) are carried out so that people do not move around in larger groups than two persons.

If the mall has a store with a separate entrance and provides the COVID-19 prevention measures listed above, the store may remain open to visitors.