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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The government approved the additional easing of restrictions in sports and entertainment

8. May 2020 - 14:00

Tallinn, Stenbock House, 8 May 2020 – At yesterday’s e-session, the government decided to extend the training opportunities for big league teams of team sports and allow for open-air public events that can be attended in a car.

This order allows for big league teams of team sports to start training in open air. The sizes of teams are established in international competition regulations.

Previously, candidates for Estonian adult teams were allowed to train outdoors as of 5 May. The explanatory memorandum specifies that given the specific nature of team sports and internationally agreed upon competition regulations, it is reasonable to assign separate restrictions for different team sports’ trainings in open air.

For example, pursuant to the international rules of football, a team consists of 11 players simultaneously on the field, while backup players, coaches, and auxiliary staff are also involved. In order for the team to train and evolve as one in the open air, separate restrictions must apply for different competitive sports, because currently, a maximum of ten athletes are allowed to train together.

Team sports are football, basketball, handball, volleyball, floorball, hockey, rugby, and cricket. Teams of more than ten members are involved in football, rugby, and cricket. Pursuant to the amendments, the 2 + 2 rule will not apply in these trainings.

Public events that can be attended in a car

As of 15 May, public events may be organised in open air if visitors stay in their cars for the entire duration of the event. These include, for example, drive-in movie screenings or drive-in concerts.

These events must comply with the special restrictions. A single car may hold a maximum of two people, except for families, who are allowed to attend in the same car.

The service provider must organise parking in a way that ensures the necessary distance between cars. They must also guarantee that all visitors stay in their cars and performers follow the 2 + 2 rule.

Visitors must remain in their cars for the entire duration of the event and may only get out for inevitable circumstances, for example, for health reasons or to visit the bathroom.

Tickets will be sold online and checked through a car window: visitors will show an electronic ticket on their smartphone screen.

Catering will be organised in a manner that ensures that everybody stays in their cars: orders will be submitted and paid for via a smartphone application and will be brought to the car.

Employees at these events are advised to wear protective masks (or regular masks that cover the mouth and nose). Proper disinfectants must be accessible in the area of the event.

The Police and Border Guard Board will monitor the events to make sure that these requirements are complied with.

This order is to be published by mass media immediately, without any alterations, and free of charge. A respective official notice will also be released.

Order: (PDF)(PDF) (PDF)

Explanatory memorandum: (DOCX) (DOCX) (DOCX)