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Ratas at meeting with German minister: Estonia is pleased when our digital experience benefits others

7. January 2020 - 12:59

Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas met with Christine Lambrecht, the Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection of Germany, to discuss the operation of the Estonian e-government, data protection, and the development of the digital policy of the European Union.

“Estonia is always glad to share the experience of building our e-state. To us, the foundation of the digital state is formed of the convenient services that people trust. On the one hand, this is an achievement, but on the other, also a great responsibility, as we need to constantly develop our registers and services related to them, so that they are accessible and reliable to all, but also innovative and sustainable.”

Ratas confirmed the readiness to share with Germany Estonia’s experiences with the security of electronic databases, legal regulation of digital services, and people’s ability to control their data.

Ratas and the German minister also discussed the digital policy of the European Union. “One of the most important issues to the future of the EU is cybersecurity cooperation and the development and regulation of artificial intelligence. Digital development still has much potential to improve cross-border cooperation via the cross-border movement of services and data,” said the prime minister.

In addition, Ratas and Lambrecht discussed Germany’s forthcoming presidency of the Council of the European Union and bilateral relations.

Photos from the meeting: Saksamaa justiitsminister Christine Lambrecht, 07.01.2020

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