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Prime Minister Rõivas: Pärnu County has significant tourism potential

10. June 2014 - 15:12
Peaminister Taavi Rõivas külaskäigul Pärnumaal
Peaminister Taavi Rõivas külaskäigul Pärnumaal 10.06.2014
Pärnu, 10 June 2014 – Today, Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas visited Pärnu County, where it was acknowledged at the meeting with the city mayor, tourism developers and undertakings that the tourism potential of the region can be enhanced by focusing on the region’s strengths, family and health tourism as well as establishing transportation connections. The support of undertakings for Rail Baltic, which will pass through Pärnu, is large.  
The development of tourism as well as infrastructure and transportation projects, which contribute to the development of the Pärnu County, were discussed at the meeting with the city mayor Toomas Kivimägi. 
According to Prime Minister, it can be well admitted that Pärnu is the number one tourism destination outside Tallinn, and the residents of Pärnu have done very much to increase the attractiveness of their town even more. 
“I am glad that Pärnu has aimed at the development of tourism which highlights year-round family centred and healthy life style,” said Rõivas. “Recently built or maintained sport, health and cultural facilities certainly attract here even more tourists in the future,” noted Rõivas.
Talking about Rail Baltic, the city mayor confirmed that for the development of the Pärnu County this is one of the most important projects of infrastructure, which creates better and faster connection both with Tallinn and Europe. In addition to enlivening tourism, the residents of Pärnu see advantages also for them who work, for example, in Tallinn.
The importance of connections was also confirmed by tourism developers. At the meeting of the board of Tourism of the Pärnu County, possibilities were also discussed how each county and town could better introduce their region to foreign tourists. 
Prime Minister also visited Wendre, one of the largest enterprises in Estonia and Europe which sells blankets, cushions and mattresses. The enterprise exports ca 90 per cent of its production to 41 different countries. The enterprise’s largest clients are in the European Union, the United States and Asia.
Prime Minister also plans to see the unique exposition of the Pärnu Nature Centre. The Prime Minister also visits the construction site of Lotte Land thematic park, which has the potential to become a favourite destination in Estonian family tourism with the well-known characters from the cartoon animation.