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Prime Minister Rõivas: NATO has done good work

8. May 2014 - 16:48
Prime Minister Rõivas: NATO has done good work
Prime Minister Rõivas: NATO has done good work
Stenbock House, 8 May 2014 – At his meeting with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO, Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas thanked the alliance for the good work they have done in guaranteeing security in the region. "The presence of NATO in our region has increased, and there is no doubt that Estonia is well protected," Rõivas said.
He added that the work for guaranteeing security in Estonia as well as Europe and NATO is not finished, and that cooperation in increasing defence and deterrence should continue. The long-term presence of NATO in the region was the subject of today's meeting.
At the meeting, Prime Minister Rõivas said that our own contribution to securing our defence capacity is of no minor importance. Therefore, Estonia will keep its commitments regarding defence expenses. "Estonia has been investing 2% of GDP into defence expenses for quite some time, and we will continue to do so," Rõivas said. He also said that Estonia would do its best to be a good host to the NATO troops stationed here.
At the meeting with the Secretary General of NATO, preparations for the September NATO summit were also discussed. Decisions concerning a visible presence and reconfirmation of the principles of collective defence are planned for the summit, as well as expansion of the alliance and cyber defence policy.
"I am happy that the ambassadors of NATO can today take a look at our cyber defence centre. This is definitely a strength of ours," Rõivas said.
The Prime Minister pointed out that the cyber lab of Estonia's Defence Forces has the capacity to be a cyber defence training and rehearsal environment for NATO, which is also confirmed by the successful joint cyber defence exercises of NATO that have taken place in Tallinn.
A video recording of the joint press conference of Prime Minister Rõivas and Secretary General Rasmussen can be viewed at