Kaja Kallas at the presentation of state awards: as a small nation, we are especially appreciative of those who make us bigger

23.02.2021 | 14:15

The Estonian Academy of Sciences, 23 February 2021 – The eve of the 103rd Independence Day of the Republic saw the Estonian Academy of Sciences host the traditional presentation of the state science lifetime achievement awards, the F.J. Wiedemann Language Prize, and the state sports and culture lifetime achievement awards. Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said at the award ceremony that truly great achievement speak to a large part of the society and make our country and its people bigger.
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‘Science is never easy. But truly great science is something that can easily be explained, and that speaks to many. Truly great sports achievements and cultural events, as well as the beautiful use of language, also speak to a large part of the society,’ said Kallas. She emphasized that modern governance is also science-based. ‘Reasonable decisions can, after all, only be made if the best information is available in a systematized form and presented in the best possible manner.’

The Prime Minister added that the awards given out this year look to the future. ‘This work has much more importance than that of just being the best and achieving something outstanding. As a small nation, we are especially appreciative of those who make our country and nation bigger and whose work and activities inspire and gather importance outside Estonia, as well.’

The Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna thanked and congratulated the recipients of the lifetime awards and state awards. Your dedication has been noticed and valued, your professional research achievements are important to the society. They help to make sense of the processes around us and offer solutions to the challenges we face,’ said Kersna.

‘Dear recipients of the cultural and sports awards, you have opened up interesting opportunities for us to see life and people from new perspectives. You have made sense of the nature of our country and culture, your knowledge and achievements have added joy to our lives and strengthened our unity,’ said Minister of Culture Anneli Ott.

This year, the lifetime achievement awards were given to Toomas-Andres Sulling, a developer of coronary surgery, and humanities scientist Jüri Talvet. The recipient of the F. J. Wiedemann Language Prize is Jüri Viikberg, a researcher of Estonian dialects, Estonian language abroad, and of language contacts . Sports lifetime achievement awards were given to sports administrator and recorder of the Estonian Olympic movement Gunnar Paal and swimming coach Õnne Pollisinski. The recipients of the lifetime achievement awards in the field of culture are art historian Eha Komissarov, painter Tiit Pääsuke , and sound operator and sound director Enn Säde. 

You can read more about the achievements of the recipients of the awards and the annual awards here:




Due to the high prevalence of the coronavirus, today’s ceremony took place in a narrower circle of people than usual.

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stenbockimaja/sets/72157718398050581/

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