Government members approved the exceptions for travel restrictions

28.08.2020 | 00:00

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Tallinn, Stenbock House, 28 August 2020 – Government members approved a conceptual decision to continue with the current air travel restrictions for countries where the COVID-19 infection rate has been 25 or higher per 100,000 people in the last 14 days. Exceptions to these restrictions were established for scheduled flights to the following destinations: Frankfurt, Helsinki, Copenhagen, London, Riga, and Warsaw. These cities are open for travelling from the Tallinn Airport regardless of the prevalence rates. Acceptable destinations are also countries where the prevalence rate per 100,000 people remains under 25 people.

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas stated that the situation with COVID-19 has presented us with complicated options where future developments do not only depend on national decisions, but also on the responsibilities and behaviour of people. “When we made the exceptions, the Government had to assess the Estonian national, economic, and societal needs for air-travel, but also take into account the potential danger of COVID-19 in a situation where the prevalence rate is increasing in Europe as well as the entire world,” he said. “The Government established the exceptions based on the assumption that the risk of contracting the virus can be reduced with the trust measures in force for travelling, for example, the requirement to remain in self-isolation for 14 days after returning from high-risk countries. Nevertheless, I strongly advise everyone to travel only if it is absolutely necessary and urge to critically consider the destinations and purposes of your travels.”

Taavi Aas, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, said that the number of European countries with high prevalence rates has increased to a level where, considering the current restrictions on air-travel, most of the air traffic at Tallinn Airport should be closed. Based on that, Aas proposed to the Government the destinations with which Estonia should maintain an air corridor. “We selected the cities based on the number of travellers and the relevance of the destinations as nodes that guarantee Estonia’s connection with the rest of the world. An important argument was also the transport of post and goods with scheduled flights and, because of that, it is essential to keep the six selected airlines open,” Taavi Aas said.

The minister also assured that it is still allowed to fly to countries where the prevalence rate per 100,000 people remains below 25 people. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications will re-evaluate the epidemiologic situations in the countries of destination each Friday and open or close down the air routes depending of the spread of the disease. The updated list of countries is available at the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications at

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