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The government gave consent to Ministry of the Environment to start composing the new forestry development plan

10. January 2019 - 14:12

Stenbock House, 10 January 2019

Today, the government approved a proposal by Siim Kiisler, Minister of the Environment, to start composing the new forestry development plan for 2021–2030 (FDP2030). The proposal includes a long-term vision for Estonian forestry, common goals for composing the development plan, and the main issues that the plan will set out to solve.

“We began preparing for the composition of the next decade’s forestry development plan already over a year ago when the forestry advisory board of the Ministry of the Environment assembled and advised the preparations for the FDP2030 proposal as well as the choice of members for the workgroup,” said Siim Kiisler, Minister of the Environment, describing the preparations for composing the development plan.

It took the workgroup over six months to map the issues that need solving with the development plan as well as in collaboration with researchers and specialists of the field. “We included the public in the planning and enabled everyone, not only members of the workgroup, to contribute into pointing out the shortcomings, and I am certain that the proposal we presented to the government reflects thoroughly on the public view on forestry issues that need solving,” Kiisler said and added that this is an excellent input for the initial phase of composing the development plan.

The workgroup that prepared FDP2030 agreed that forestry issues must be addressed considering a significantly longer period than the ten years of the development plan. The workgroup also formulated the general objectives of the forestry development plan. The submitted proposal described intersections with other development documents and included the schedule for composing and implementing the development plan.

The forestry development plan defines the general objectives for forestry development and describes the means for achieving them. The purpose of FDP2030 is to reach a societal agreement for sustainable forestry management, considering aspects of social issues, the economy, environment protection, and culture.

The forestry development draft plan is approved by the government who then transmits it to Riigikogu for approval in 2020 at the latest.

Additional information on the current preparations for FDP2030, the mapped forestry issues, basic research, as well as the FDP2030 workgroup meetings and future work is available on the official webpage of the Ministry of the Environment.

The government discussed the composition of the draft forestry development plan 2021–2030 and decided to approve it.

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