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Amendments to the orders of the person in charge of the emergency situation

19. March 2020 - 14:19

Tallinn, Stenbock House, 18 March 2020 – Due to rapidly changing circumstances in the spread of the coronavirus, Jüri Ratas, the person in charge of the emergency situation, made amendments to several previously issued orders yestarday. The order specifies the measures adopted to protect the life and health of people and the overriding public interest. The measures are essential for preventing the spread of the virus.

Firstly, the list of risk countries was abolished. The list was established to identify people coming to Estonia from countries at risk and it was updated daily. There is no longer any point in updating the list daily, as coronavirus outbreaks have spread throughout the world.

Secondly, filling out a health questionnaire is no longer required from all persons who cross the border to enter Estonia. The amendment retains the right of the police to require completing a health declaration if necessary, for example, if a person crossing the border has signs of disease.

Thirdly, the exceptions to the requirement of a two-week isolation upon arrival in Estonia are supplemented. With a special permit from the police, persons, such as the president, prime minister, members of the government, and consuls, are not required to undergo 14 days of self-isolation if they do not have symptoms of illness.

Fourthly, in addition to the Valga-Valka twin town, travelling between Estonia and Latvia for work is also allowed for other local authorities in the border area. People living in municipalities closely adjacent the Estonian-Latvian border can travel to their place of work in Latvia and return to their place of residence in Estonia.

The media must promptly issue this order of the person in charge of the emergency situation without modifying it and free of charge. We will also send a formal announcement.