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Minister of the Interior Katri Raik

Katri Raik is the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Estonia since 26 November 2018. She is a member of the Social Democratic Party.

  • From March 2015 until being appointed as the minister, Katri Raik served as the Rector of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.
  • In 2009–2015 and 1999–2007, Katri Raik served as the Director of the Narva College of the University of Tartu.
  • In 2007–2009, Raik was the Deputy Secretary General (general education, vocational education) of the Ministry of Education and Research.

  • In 1991–1999, Katri Raik served as a Referent to the Rector of the University of Tartu and as the Head of the information department at the university.

  • Raik was born in Tartu on 26 October 1967. She graduated from Tartu Upper Secondary School No. 3 (currently Tartu Raatuse School). In 2004, Raik graduated from the University of Tartu with a Doctoral degree in history.

Siseminister Andres Anvelt


Minister of the Interior

The Minister is appointed and released from office by the Prime Minister.

  • The Minister of the Interior leads the field of internal security and manages the matters related to the Border Guard, crisis management, and rescue work.
  • The Minister of the Interior leads the Ministry of the Interior and decides on the matters within the Ministry’s area of government. Additionally, the Minister reports on the activities of the Ministry of the Interior to the Government of the Republic and submits proposals on deciding over issues related to the Ministry’s area of government.
  • The Minister of the Interior is responsible for the organisation of citizenship and migration matters.
  • The Minister of the Interior leads the Drug Prevention Committee of the Government of the Republic, the goal of which is to co-ordinate prevention work and reduce the availability of narcotics.
  • The Minister of the Interior makes proposals to the Government on the Ministry’s budget and supplementary budget, if necessary. At the same time, he decides on the use of budget resources and monitors the implementation of the budget. The Minister also approves the budgets of the state authorities belonging to the Ministry's area of government on the basis of the state budget.
  • The Minister of the Interior decides on the establishment of the state authorities belonging to the Ministry’s area of administration and approves their statutes, structure, and work organisation.

Ministry of the Interior

  • Ensures national internal security with the institutions from its area of government and protects the public order.
  • Guards and protects the Estonian state border and ensures the implementation of the border regime.
  • Develops crisis management and policies related to the rescue areas and organises their implementation.
  • Co-ordinates the prevention of accidents related to fire safety and explosive substance.
  • Develops the citizenship and migration policy.
  • Co-ordinates the co-operation between offices and organisations in the matters of the maintenance of law and order.
  • Plans and carries out the national visa policy in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and deals with the prevention of illegal immigration and employment.
  • Co-ordinates the performance of the action plan on combating terrorism.
  • Regulates the handling of weapons and the provision of security services, and shapes the national firearm and security policy.

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Last updated: 26 November 2018