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Internal Security and the Legal System

  • We will strengthen community-based police work and regional police networks, especially in rural areas.
  • We will increase the opportunities of local governments to ensure public order.
  • We will increase the state’s crisis-solving abilities and the rapid reaction capabilities of the police.
  • We will improve the protective equipment of emergency workers and bomb squads as well as upgrade emergency response equipment.
  • We will support the increasing and strengthening of the network of volunteer emergency rescue units, and we will ensure social guarantees for the rescue workers.
  • We will decrease the number of emergency deaths and situations through well-considered prevention activities and more efficient surveillance
  • We will guarantee sufficient means to security institutions to thwart any activities threatening the security of Estonia. We contribute to cooperation with our allies in countering terrorism and maintaining an efficient forewarning system
  • We will complete the construction of the eastern border.
  • We will direct misdemeanour prevention activities to children and parents first of all, carrying out proof-based prevention programmes meant for them. We will prefer family-based intervention methods in reacting to juvenile delinquency. We will increase the specialisation of judges in civil and criminal courts in cases related to children and families.
  • We will prevent and diminish domestic / partner violence by systematically mapping and guiding at-risk families, and by cross-agency cooperation. We will ratify and implement the Istanbul Convention.
  • We will increase the confiscation of criminally obtained assets.
  • We will establish a relation between the fines for serious traffic offences (drunk driving, speeding over 40 km/h) and the offender’s income.
  • We will increase opportunities for legal counselling and carry out a reform of first-level legal counselling.
  • We will continue supporting the repressed and their representation bodies.
  • We will review the principles of debt restructuring and reorganisation, with an emphasis on increasing the protection of home loan borrowers.
  • We will continue the present migration policy of Estonia. We will not support the mandatory quota system for relocation and redistribution of asylum seekers.
  • We will maintain awareness of the crimes of totalitarian regimes by establishing an international centre of the crimes of communism in Tallinn, and a memorial complex to the victims of communism at Maarjamäe.


Last updated: 24 November 2016