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Foreign and Security Policy, National Defence

Estonia’s foreign and security policy is sustainable and based on a broad political consensus. Membership in NATO and the European Union, and the according partnerships and alliances form the most important guarantee for the security and welfare of Estonia. 

  • In the present security situation, the resources allocated to Estonia’s foreign service are not sufficient. We consider it necessary to increase them. We will pay more attention to advancing and safeguarding the security and foreign trade interests of Estonia. 
  • We will immediately develop the priorities of Estonia’s Presidency of the European Union, and we will guarantee a successful organisation of the Presidency. 
  • We will continue to value the Eastern Partnership policy of the European Union.
  • We consider it important to maintain close partnership relations with Great Britain, after the United Kingdom has left the European Union as well.
  • Bilateral relations with the United States of America plays a special role in guaranteeing the security of Estonia.
  • Fostering security, stability and good neighbourly relations in the whole of our region is in the interests of Estonia.
  • Estonia supports the joint policies of the European Union and NATO that are aimed at protecting the sovereignty and restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The sanctions against Russia can only be alleviated when Russia returns to the generally accepted principles of international law.
  • To strengthen our independent defence abilities, we will guarantee defence spendings on the level of at least 2% of GDP, plus additional investments needed for receiving the allied corps of NATO. We support the strengthening of NATO’s deterrence measures and the continuous military presence of the allies in Estonia.
  • We will instate an additional program of national defence investments.
  • Estonia will continue to participate in international security and peace missions together with its allies and partners.
  • We will increase the number of young people who pass military service, and we consider it important to develop the capabilities and increase the membership of the Defense League (Kaitseliit).
  • We will adopt a concept of Civil Protection to ensure a public resistance capability in a crisis situation.
Last updated: 24 November 2016