Implementation of the strategy

The Government Office is responsible for coordinating the preparation, implementation and amendment of the strategy “Estonia 2035” in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. “Estonia 2035” is carried out mainly via development plans and programmes in the respective fields. Achieving Estonia’s strategic goals also requires the contribution of local governments and public, non-governmental and private sector organizations, as well as the knowledge of the Estonian people in making everyday choices.

Strategic role

In the framework of the country’s strategic planning and financial management, "Estonia 2035" plays a central role as a tool for the country’s long-term development strategy and cross-sectoral coordination. All development plans in the field approved by the Government of the Republic and programmes approved by the Minister follow the goals and necessary changes agreed upon in the strategy “Estonia 2035”. When reporting on the implementation of the strategy, we consider it important that the load is as light as possible for the parties involved and in accordance with the state budget strategy and activity-based budget.

In the future, the development plans and programmes prepared on the basis of “Estonia 2035” will also reflect Estonia's sectoral policy goals of the European Union and issues related to the implementation of global sustainable development goals. In terms of the European Semester’s economic coordination process, the “Estonia 2035” strategy is our National Reform Programme. The annual Estonian state report, to be completed within the framework of the European Semester and the published country-specific recommendations, will be an input to the reviews of the implementation of “Estonia 2035”.
Achieving the strategic goals of “Estonia 2035” must be supported by the country's fiscal policy decisions.

“Estonia 2035” and state budget

The Prime Minister will give a presentation in the Riigikogu after submitting the state budget strategy and the state budget to the parliament, giving an overview of the connections between the changes necessary to achieve the strategic goals of “Estonia 2035” and the planning of state funds. The review of the state budget is preceded by the introduction of its main theses in the committees of the Riigikogu.

Thus, "Estonia 2035" at the level of the Government of the Republic is closely related to the process of the state budget strategy. Meetings of the Prime Minister and ministers take place every year, where the achievement of the strategic goals of “Estonia 2035” is discussed and the solutions for the necessary changes are discussed. Prior to the state budget strategy meetings, the Strategy Director of the Government Office will give an overview of the state of implementation of “Estonia 2035” at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, highlighting possible bottlenecks in the implementation of the strategy. Prior to the discussions on the state budget in the autumn, the Government Office will provide feedback to the members of the government on how the bottlenecks or changes in the strategy discussed in the spring have been resolved and which of them need to be addressed in the state budget.

Last updated: 13.04.2021