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Environment and Energy

  • In developing environmental policy decisions (related to environmental protection, forestry, hunting, fishing, waste, air pollution, natural resources, recycling) we will adopt a knowledge-based approach as well as the principles of sustainability and prudent use.
  • We will implement measures that will ensure the recycling of domestic waste in the minimum amount of 65% by the year 2030. We will determine the responsibilities of the state and the local governments in recycling waste, in organising waste disposal and in meeting the recycling targets.
  • In forestry, harvesting volumes may not exceed the growth volumes of forests in Estonia.
  • We will ensure a fair compensation system for privately owned lands within the framework of the rural development plan, and also for lands outside Natura areas and we wish to hasten the buying of environmental protection areas from landowners.
  • Leveraging the competitive advantage of Estonia arising from its pristine environment, we will develop the export of ecological products and services, creating new jobs in various regions of Estonia.
  • We will adopt an energy sector development plan for Estonia stating that by 2030, the share of renewable energy in end-consuming must reach a minimum of 50%, and 80% of consumed heat energy must be produced from biofuels.
  • To ensure energy security, we will:
    • Make preparations for synchronising the Estonian power grid into the European frequency range by 2025,
    • support the building of the Balticconnector,
    • and place a consideration of importance on the establishment of a regional LNG terminal in Estonia.
  • To ensure a stable and justified taxation of the energy sector, we will establish a relationship between resource fees for oil-shale and the market price of products produced from it (shale oil, electricity).
  • For a sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, we will establish a Geology Service within the governance area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications that will research and map the mineral resources of Estonia.
  • We will support the reconstruction of homes with the aim of achieving better energy efficiency.

Last updated: 24 November 2016