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Tallinn Digital Summit 2018

Tallinn Digital Summit 2017. Author Aron Urb.


Tallinn Digital Summit 2018 will bring together the Heads of Government and ministers, tech community and influential thinkers of digital-minded nations driving the global conversation on the implications of digitalisation on governments, economies and societies. The annual  invite-only event will be held this year from 15 - 16 October in Tallinn.

The summit will offer a chance to spotlight the latest opportunities of digitisation, to shape a more coherent approach to challenges brought by digital transformation and to enhance practical sharing of ideas and lessons among the frontrunners of digital nations.




This year, summit will focus on how artificial intelligence (AI) and free-moving data can be wielded in the service of our digital states, economies and societies. Discussions will revolve around the following themes.

  • Opportunities for AI: How can our economies and societies prepare for artificial intelligence? How will AI affect the way we lead, govern, and serve in the public sector?
  • Diffusing the risks and challenges of digitalisation: How can we ensure trust in digital services? How can we prepare for jobs and skills that the AI era will demand?
  • Cross-border access, use and trade of data: what are the best possible cross-border data flows and data policies? How to structure global data access, reuse and sharing in a way that improves goods and services while addressing privacy and policy concerns?


Tallinn Digital Summit was initiated by the Prime Minister of Estonia, and is organized by the Government Office of Estonia. It is a sequel to the digital summit held during the Estonian Presidency of the European Union.

Further information about the summit can be found on the Tallinn Digital Summit’s webpage and Twitter.

Last updated: 13 September 2018